Our Priests

The Priests of the Society of St James, do not make religious vows as do monks in other Religious Orders (such as the Franciscans or Dominicans). Our priests do, however, pursue the same apostolic purpose of living lives for Christ and the spreading of His Gospel.
Priests are incardinated into the Society and not a diocese.

The priests of the Society of St James are Christian men ordained to the Holy Order of the Priesthood according to the Rites in the Roman Pontifical as promulgated by Pope Leo XIII.

Society of St James Professional Standards for Priests

Marital/Celibacy Standards

Becoming a Priest in the SSJ

Do you sense a call to vocational ministry?
Would you like to learn more about becoming a priest in the Society of St James?

Send a letter of inquiry to:

Society of St James – Vocations
PO Box 306
Cibolo, TX 78108