Marital/Celibacy Requirements of the Priesthood

In answering this question, it is important to remember that St Peter – the First Pope – was a married man.

In the matter of the celibacy of the clergy, the Society of St James, follows the ancient Catholic practice of the Church, permits the ordination of properly qualified married men to the Sacred Priesthood.

We do not believe the Sacraments of Holy Matrimony and Holy Orders to be mutually exclusive of each other, but we do recognize the great strain and emotional burden which the duties of the Priesthood can place upon married men, upon their spouses, and upon their families.

It takes a wife with an extraordinarily generous heart and a definite “vocation” of her own, to be the wife of a priest.

The Society of St James will not ordain a man whose wife is unwilling or unable to make the sacrifices and adjustments in their family life which are an integral and necessary aspect of the sacred ministry. Both husband and wife must be “partners” in his vocation as a priest. He in answering the high demands of Sacred Orders and she as his constant and ever-ready helpmate; a supporter in prayer, emotional and moral support, and in strength.