Moral/Legal Standards for Priests

A priest represents God to the people and the people to God. Therefore there is a high standard of moral accountability placed upon the priest.

A man ordained to the priesthood will be the husband of one wife or a man committed to a non-married life of celibacy.

No man who has been convicted of a crime of moral turpitude will be ordained to the priesthood.

Any man already ordained to the priesthood who is accused of moral or legal failure will have his faculties to function as a priest temporarily suspended while the matter is investigated.

If the alleged offense is one of legal concern, the investigation will be handled by the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency with full cooperation of the Society of St James.

If the alleged offense is not a matter of legal concern, the investigation will be conducted by the appropriate ecclesiastical authority.

If the charges are true, penalties imposed by the Society of St James (in addition to any legal action, which may occur elsewhere) are:

Temporary Suspension of Faculties
Permanent Revocation of Faculties

Regardless of which, the priest will be afforded pastoral care and concern for the sake of personal rehabilitation and a restoration of his soul before God.