Not from a Sacramental Background – May You Receive the Sacraments?

You may be thinking to yourself: I am not “Catholic.”  Am I not allowed to participate in worship with you and/or receive the Sacraments from the Society of St James priests?

Priests in the Society of St James provide the Sacraments to Christians, who seek the Sacraments on their own accord, provided that they hold the historic Christian faith in these sacraments and are properly prepared to receive them.

To know whether we share faith in the Sacraments, please review the description of each Sacrament from the main menu.

Regarding receiving the Eucharist (the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ), all Christians maintaining the historic Christian faith* concerning the Sacrament and who are baptized in the Trinity — that is the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, confess Christ as their Saviour, examine their conscience for sins committed, and confess those sins prior to the Eucharist are permitted to receive the Eucharist.

If that does not describe you or, if for reasons of home church discipline or personal conscience, you feel it is not appropriate for you to receive the Eucharist with us, you are still welcome to come forward for a prayer of pastoral blessing.  If you are coming forward for a prayer of pastoral blessing, please cross your arms in front of your chest in the form of St Andrew’s Cross (an X).  This will indicate to those serving the elements that you prefer a short time of prayer.

* Please ask the priest for any clarification you may need regarding the nature of the Sacraments and the historic sacramental teachings of the Church.