Our Worship

Visiting a church or chapel for the first time kind be confusing and even intimidating. We want you to know that you are always welcome and invited to come and participate in worship the Lord with us.

The Society of St James worships God, Father, son, and Holy Spirit, according to the liturgy (form of worship) commonly referred to as the Traditional Latin Mass.

Does that mean the worship is in Latin?
Maybe, but not likely.

While Latin can be a beautiful and reverent language, it is not one spoken by people today except in limited situations. Rather than worship in Latin as a primary means of worship, the priests of the Society of St James celebrate the liturgy in the primary language of the people. Meaning, if the congregation is primarily English speakers, and English translation of the liturgy is used. Likewise, if Spanish is the primary language of the people, a Spanish translation is used. The same can be said for any priest serving a congregation of any other language. We want every person person worshiping to be able to do so with the reverence of the Latin Mass but in his or her own first language (often called their “Heart Language”) so that we can all worship in what Jesus called “in spirit and in truth.”