Our Church – What We Believe

As a Church, the Society of St James is committed to the spread of Gospel through Word and Sacrament. We are a member of Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

As a Church which is a Priestly Society (rather than a diocese), we focus on bringing the Word and Sacraments to people in non-traditional settings. Whether in a parish, a chapel, a hospital, military or emergency services chaplaincies, or in a private oratory, you will enjoy a time of sacramental worship led by a valid priest committed to the traditional faith of the Church.

What We Believe

We Believe in the Seven Sacraments of the Church
We Believe the Three Creeds of the Church
We Believe the Teachings of the Seven Ecumenical Councils
How What We Believe Guides the Society of St James

Church Affiliations

As a Priestly Society, the Society of St James is not under the jurisdiction of any local diocese.

The Society of St James (SSJ) is a Catholic Church which is in communion with the North American Old Roman Catholic Church.